More Audition Info: Callback Schedule for Fall Productions

For all drama majors

Due to the student rep tech and Saturday classes, we have had to alter the callbacks schedule for the fall shows. Please clear your calendars accordingly:


Monday, Tuesday, April 20, 21: 6pm-9pm.

Wednesday, April 22: 6pm - 8pm


How I learned to Drive --Thursday, 4/23 from 6pm-11pm in Lowe 106

Fiddler on the Roof -- Friday, 4/24 from 6pm-11pm in Lowe 106

End Game -- Sunday, 4/26 from 8pm-11pm in Lowe 106

Rep callbacks TBA.

Drama Audition Info

For all drama majors:

The auctions for the Fall 2015 Drama Department productions will be held 6pm-10pm April 20, 21, 22, with call backs on April 25, 26. Audition sign-up sheets will be posted soon.

Audition Requirements:

One Comic or seriocomic contemporary monologue: ONE MINUTE LONG

Students wishing to audition for Fiddler On the Roof and/or the MUTH minor should  prepare an uptempo or ballad of NO MORE THAN 45 seconds in length. Bring music in a binder; sheet music should be two-sided sheets if possible. An accompanist will be provided.

Students interested in the MUTH minor or  MUTH 120 course should sign up in MUTH designated spots on the sign-up sheets.

Please note: B.F.A. Performance students are required to audition for ALL shows.  B.F.A. students who consider themselves “non-singers” may sing a selection of their choice a cappella.


For Royston Coppenger’s Directing class (DR190) to appear in student-directed scenes. Each scene will be rehearsed outside of class and presented in-class twice. The class meets Tuesday and Thursday 4:00-5:20 in the Spiegel theater. In order to volunteer you MUST be consistently available during this time.

This is a great way to practice your craft and get to know your fellow Drama and RTVF students. To put yourself on the list of volunteers, please send your contact info (name, email address, and phone number) to Royston at  Students in the class will contact you depending on their needs.

Dept Deadline Friday March 27th


REMEMBER the Department Deadline is Friday March 27th. All Honors Thesis, Senior Practicum and Student Rep applications are due on this date. For more information on completing these applications see the Department Handbook.

ACTIVITY GRANT applications are also due on this date. If you are currently receiving an Activity Grant and wish to continue to receive the grant you MUST fill out an application. There is no automatic renewal of grants. If you do not re-apply, you will lose your funds. Freshman are encouraged to apply.

When applying, your work for the CALENDAR YEAR 2014 is what counts, not the academic year. Anything work done in this semester goes towards next years application. Additionally, only volunteer work for department activities is considered (volunteer crew hours, admission days, high-school Shakespeare days, proctoring auditions). Work for clubs, regular crew work or casting, or any paid work does not count towards activity grant hours.

The Department Handbook that outlines the guidelines for all applications and all of the application forms can be found at here: